Welcome to the homepage of the Dutch Diaphragmatic Hernia Foundation.

Founded in 1993, by a group of parents. The primary goals were to arrange for parents to meet each other and to acquire knowledge about the disorder.

Most info on these pages is in Dutch, because our foundation operates in and supplies its information to the Netherlands and the part of Belgium where Dutch is spoken. Please feel free to contact us in English, when questions arise concerning situations in Holland or Belgium.

You are more than welcome to look around all the same. In many parts of this site there are pictures added to the text and they always speak the international language.

More information in English can be found at the home of our American sisterorganisation 'Cherubs', which organisation was kind enough to award us with their CHERUBS' Angel Award, for sites who advocate for and support families, tell the story of a cherub, and/or help the quest to putting an end to birth defects.